Mar 23, 2015

happy birthday blue eyes

Happy birthday my sweet Mother. This is your first birthday in heaven, only 10 weeks since we last saw you. I know it's going to be a goodie for you, after all you have Dad with you and as of this week, one of your closest friends too.

I miss not being able to spoil you, you love a good celebration. I would take you for coffee & cake at your favourite yarn shop and get you something smelling of roses, if I could. We would sniff around all the yarn and we would end up with at least one pattern and several balls of wool. I know you would love that.

I know you would not want us to be too sad, and we are really trying to hold it all together. Sometimes we manage and sometimes we don't. I miss your gentle way and the way you listened to me with all your heart, and there's no substitution for you. But perhaps that's the way it's meant to be.

Love you my precious Moo xox

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