Mar 30, 2015

run the night

We had another date around running this weekend. We did "Run the Night" which is a run at night with glowsticks, neon face paint and loud music. The run is a circuit around the Auckland Domain. It was just MJ and I and we really enjoyed it.

Let's be honest the race was aimed at people a lot younger than us but it was so much fun. We arrived, painted ourselves, decorated ourselves with glow stick bangles and glasses and ate sausages in a bun with hot fries. Because we are rebels MJ bought us "smoothies" from home, fruit juice with an extra kick *wink wink*. Rest assured it was only one :-)

The circuit was incredible- running around the museum which was beautifully lit up and everywhere we ran there was music and disco lights. (Can I even use that word anymore- disco lights??)  It was awesome and MJ got right into the swing of things. I was reminded of the young man I met as he gambled up the embankments and ran rings around me. For the first circuit. The second circuit he was shattered and trotted beside me.

My only complaint was the complete lack of water. Anywhere. At all. We finished the 5km thirsty and all that was on offer was free energy drunks (V's) and purchased soft drinks. What on earth?

We stayed around to cool off and danced a bit to the songs we knew. Then when the DJ's came on and started playing music that bore no resemblance to anything we had ever heard before. At that point this old Nana and Poppa trundled home happy and tired (and a wee bit thirsty)

PS the photos are dire, MJ and I clearly do not take enough selfies to know how to rock the camera backwards. And what is WITH people and their selfie sticks? People risking life and limb to run with a camera on a stick in front of them blocking their view? I am so old.

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