Apr 26, 2015

in the moment

My comfort zone is high drive. I thrive on all go, action and pushing forward. This is great in some cases but I can lose a moment. Especially with the kids. I reminded myself of this last weekend. We went to a playground at the beach after church for a quick "let off steam" play. We had planned for it to be brief as I had a full afternoon of work ahead of me.
After a while MJ and I wanted to go. Get on with the rest of the day. But the children were not ready. They wanted to and needed to stay in that moment. They moved onto the beach when we called them and were soon in a bubble of sand, sea and wind. So I paused my natural inclination to move on and watched and waited. Luka and Grace played alongside but not with each other or with us. They recharged their little batteries and engaged with the elements. It was the hard work of playing and it was good.
I am glad we stopped and gave them the space to be in the moment. And I still squeezed my work in! Family win all round x
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