Apr 2, 2015

the blanket (that nearly did me in)

I have been working on this little gem for over a year now. It's gorgeous. And very very fiddly. There are 238 motifs that are joined as you go. Two hundred and thirty-eight. Wowza.

The yarn is merino wool, from Meraki studio in Mustard (DK weight). I used nearly 600m of the yarn. It was great to work with and the blanket feels soft and warm.

The pattern is from Seamless Crochet by Kristin Omdahl. The pattern is easy to follow but was quite complicated for me. It took me a long time to learn the motifs and what to do row by row, off by heart. I used the pattern and stitch diagrams for ages. It did not help that I got sick of it and left it for a while and so had to relearn the whole pattern again when I picked it up. This happened multiple times!

One thing to note is that this is a small lap blanket. Super small. It's small because the motifs are little and if you had to do even one more motif I think you would cry. I imagined it a lot bigger somehow and it would be incredible covering a bed. I will have to leave that in my imagination that because it's never going to happen.

Still I am a little bit thrilled with it. I meant to give it away but after all the work, I am not sure I can or want to. It will be a Mama-blanket to warm my legs. Or my top half. But just not together. Hello little Mustard Stunner!


  1. Oh Sammy it's beautiful !!! I can imagine the patience and frustration .. Your crocheting is amazing

  2. Man that is impressive! Go you!! Amazing lady you!! xx


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