May 19, 2015

and here is 5

Darling Grace

You are 5 years old today! What a milestone for you. You are so happy to be a big girl at long last, joining your brother over the fence at big school.

You were so confident today and loved every minute at school. You made yourself at home instantly in your new classroom this morning and there were no tears from you or me. How could we be anything but overjoyed for you when you were so happy?

You are such a tender & loving child, my sweetheart. You march to your own beat and won't be swayed.

You love all things dress up and anything involving a unicorn. You dance and sing and are still the loudest small person we know. You are such a girlie girl but can hold your own in a wrestle with your brother or your Daddy.

We adore you, darling. We love you just the way you are and are so happy that you are part of our family.

Love Mama

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