Jul 31, 2015

blog into book

I have another blog that I started back in 2008. I chronicled our struggle to have children in this blog. Once we were through this stage, it no longer felt like who I was and so I started this blog. And it's time for the old blog to go to blog heaven. But before I hit delete I wanted to print all those words and pictures. I want them to show my children how much we wanted them and what a joy their births were for us.
I looked into all sorts of programs and companies that convert your blog into a book and found this one- "Into Real Pages". They were not the cheapest but I liked the program and the styles. SO easy. Despite being an interior designer I am not creative with graphic design. So I wanted a program that would load my blog and make it look great. After all there will only be two copies of this printed so I am not super fussy.
The books arrived this morning and they are fabulous. My only complaint is that the program did not place my headings onto the heading line so I have the word "text" above" each blog post heading. But really, who cares. I am sure my children won't.
There are some adult themes of struggle, frustrations and at times despair, mixed in with joy and happiness in the blog. So I won't be gifting these to my sweet kiddies until they are adults themselves.
And these books are copies of only one half of the blog! They will each have a double volume set of their story one day.

I was asked why I am going to delete this blog and my answer is that the story is no longer mine. It's my children's story now. And I am not sure it would be wise to have these words floating around the internet for years to come. They are intensely personal and so into hard copy they go.

 Here's another link to the place I got them- NO affiliated link or promotion! Just a product that's worked well for me. Good-bye old blog, you were awesome!

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