Jul 27, 2015

clicky men

When I was a young girl my parents gave my sisters and I our own set of Playmobil- mine was a cow boy set. My Dad was not into gender specific games, he was years ahead of his time and I loved that about him. I got a set including a wild west carriage, buggy, horses and characters and I was in heaven. My sisters and I each had our own unique set and somehow we called these toys 'clicky men". No idea why.
This weekend I found my old school case when unpacking and inside was my clicky men set. Dusty but in pretty good working order. I gave it all a wash and let it to dry on the draining board. The next time I came into the kitchen Luka had found the carriage and set it up. Must be honest, my heart exploded with happiness.
Both Luka and Grace played with the set for hours last night and carried on today. This is low tech imagination at it's best. A thirty year old set of clicky men having a new lease of life. I can't imagine how happy my 10 year old self would have been to know that one day in a land far away, her children would play the same games that she did. That, my friends, is joy distilled.

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