Jul 17, 2015

for the love of it

I love to read. My mother told me I learnt to read young and did not stop. I did well at English in school and I think it's because of my love for books. I am so keen to pass this onto the kids in a non-forceful kind of way. I read this amazing article on kids/ reading on the Aha parenting website the other day.

So I am looking for books that I can read to the kids beyond bible stories and picture books. These are the ones we have. The kiddies are ages (5 and 6), they need pictures of some kind to look at on each page as well as a bit of meaty-ish story.

Does anyone have any other ideas? I would love to know what's worked with other families.

While I am about it, these are my books ready for a plane trip. I like a bit of chick-lit and then a bit of mystery. Any other suggestions for a good read?

Since I have started this, I have to allow time at night for Luka to read back to us. His tastes are little-boy so we listen to a lot of haltering Star Wars lego stories. The same ones each and every night. Not complaining though, we love it!
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