Jul 24, 2015

hello normal

Last Friday I visited my natural hormone doctor. I saw him for the first time in February this year and my hormones were non-existent. I was an absolute mess. The doctor told me that I would need up to 9 months before I would start to feel like a human again.

Well. My latest bloods show that my hormones are NORMAL. My thyroid is good, iron levels fabulous, cortisol under control. Oestrogen and progesterone at pre-menopausal levels. B12 back up to normal levels. I was so happy and the doctor was amazed at how good all my levels were. I am 6 months early of his estimation for how good I am feeling.

I have worked really hard over the last 3 months. I saw a nutritionist and have been running. I have also been doing yoga and drinking heaps of water. I have also been taking care of myself with this arsenal of goodies.

Left to right- we have my progesterone pills and oestrogen cream. These are bio-identical natural hormones that are very gentle. Then DHEA which supports the development and maintenance of hormones. Then I have the best supplements in the universe. Lastly the essential oils that have kept me sane. Woman's blend, Clary Sage and a Woman's hormone blend.

This is such a big deal for me. My body was in clinical ovarian failure and my brain thought my body was post menopause. To put it in perspective, you need oestrogen levels of over 1000 to even think about conceiving, I had a level of 88. My iron levels and B12 levels were also rock bottom.

All I need to work on now is stress levels. And as I move further away from the (often times) hell of the last 3 years, my stress levels decrease steadily.

My encouragement for anyone out there is that you can make improvements in your overall well-being. I know some of you have been sick for a long time but if I could claw my way back from the abyss of below zero hormone levels, there is something you can do.

What is scary is that the doctor told me if I had gone to a GP with my symptoms in February (fatigue/ feeling like crap/ not sleeping/ low energy) it's likely I would have been put on anti-depressants. I utterly believe that anti-depressants have their place. They are sorely needed in many many cases. But in my case I just needed to recover and get my hormones back up. And back they are and I feel marvellous!

* The supplements and oils are freaking amazing. So amazing we have started distributing them.
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