Jul 6, 2015

my simple life

I have a dream. To live a Soulemama kind of life. Creating and growing and homeschooling. Out in the middle of no-where, preserving and teaching, spinning with hens and ducks somewhere in the mix.

I was telling this to a friend over dinner the other night and she started laughing. Really loud, snorty kinds of laughs. When she caught her breath she said that she could never ever imagine me in that kind of life in that kind of way. It took me by surprise so I have considered it.

She could be right.

I am a high heel, nail polish kind of person who really likes handbags. I hate to cook but love to bake. I don't really like getting my hands dirty but I love to garden. I have never seen a hen close up in my life. I can sew and crochet but can't spin or knit.

We will end up on a bit of land somewhere but maybe it won't be a fully fledged 21st century House on the Prairie deal. Maybe there will be bits of the city mixed in with the country. I have been waiting to start living the simple life as I thought it needed to be all in. Or nothing. The bits that I am doing now are great, it makes for a simple life, even if it's not at the level I thought it would be. Maybe I would hate life at "that level" anyway.

I have learnt that you can't wait to start living your dream. This is my life, simple for me and my family. And perhaps that's all it needs to be.

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