Jul 9, 2015

our Auckland- Devonport

On Saturday afternoon MJ worked so we went off to a beautiful seaside suburb in Auckland- Devenport, to see what we could see. We popped into a market and the kids transformed into a unicorn and a panda (of course). 

We had lunch at one of the many warm and inviting cafes and after lunch walked down to the playground by the see. The panda posed by a yarn-bombed tree.

The playground is lovely. And by the sea so it's FREEZING. The cold wind gusting off the sea got in-between layers of clothes. It was icy and I had dropped my coffee so I was sad, cold and caffeine deprived.

To warm up we popped into the new library. It's a little bit gorgeous. I love New Zealand architecture so much!
Devenport has  a lot to offer which is just as well as it take a long (long) time to get there. From markets, to cafes, to shops, walks, parks and the library- it has something for everyone. We love it every single time we go!
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