Aug 10, 2015

colouring in

At night after the kids have gone to bed, I just want to blob. And lately I have been blobbing in front of the TV. And I don't like it. So I looked for other ways to blob and not think very much. I am in between crochet projects and lacking a bit of inspiration... and reading seems too hard.

Cue a colouring book- for Big People.
I saw these on-line and just loved them. I got this one called "Secret Garden" and have ordered one called "Fantastic Cities" and I can't wait to get it. I love buildings so colouring a cityscape would be bliss to me.

So far so good. It's interesting enough to keep me entertained and I even do a little when the computer is having a spat attack and busy freezing itself. I have my own bunch of felt tips (or kokies if you grew up in South Africa) and it's all very civilised.
Better than TV and very addictive!

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