Aug 27, 2015

me time

My fabulous husband is on kiddie duty this weekend and I am off to KAN (Knit August Nights) - billed as a "bespoke knitters retreat". I CANNOT wait! Just over two days surrounded by yarn, hooks and needles and best of all, people who use sticks to make things with.

I am going down to Napier with my lovely friend Laura. We live a way from each other so never really get to spend time with each other. This is going to be all kinds of awesome. There are a few crochet classes and I am signed up to all two of them, haha! I am planning to learn to use two sticks this weekend to broaden my horizons and become a crochet/ knitter. Crochet comes first of course.

Due to the lack of crochet classes I will have a bit of down time. BLISS. And to top things off there's a market where all the artisan yarn dyers will exhibit. Buying artisan yarn is often hard as supply is low, but there will be tables and tables full of the stuff!

Here's a fabulous weekend, hope yours is too!


  1. Wasn't it fab! I really enjoyed meeting you - it was great. Looking forward to catching up with you and Laura and our hooks and needles in real life again xxx

  2. So wonderful that you two had such a fab time! Looks like a gorgeous weekend all round! Maybe Yarndale one day ;) You will nail knitting, no doubt... just look at you go with Crochet! xx

    PS: I dont know why my comnments aren't posting... I hope you are somehow getting them!

  3. Was it so much fun ? It certainly looked it


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