Aug 3, 2015

twenty four

Over the last 3 years there have numerous times when our lives changed forever within a short 24 hour day. We have been flipped upside down with news that would forever change us and felt like we were living a in a parallel universe to the one we normally lived in. We felt like we were gasping for air, trying to find a solid footing.

Well, it's good to know that it can happen in a positive way too. I spent 24 hours with my aunt in Sydney this weekend. Everything about the trip had a serendipitous feel, almost otherworldly, where every single thing worked out to be the very best it could be. It was a bubble of the most amazing sort, and it relaxed and refreshed me in a way that is hard to believe.
I set off very (very) early on Friday morning and arrived in Sydney just as the rush hour cleared. I found my way to the hotel via the train and then light train. I am embarrassed to admit I have never taken a train alone but it all fell into place and I loved the experience.
I met up with my darling aunt and my cousin (my favourite cousin's son). My cousin is such a wonderful young man and I loved the time spent with him as well- we were the perfect trio.

My aunt plans things in a very off beat way and as I arrived, she announced we were going to have high tea at a place she found on the internet. No, she had no idea where it was or what it would be like. A 40 min taxi ride later and we arrived at the edge of North Sydney. We walked into an unassuming building to have high tea in the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been in. The food was incredible and the view over the Sydney bay, even better.
We went for a walk after tea and just happened to stop and rest where a pair of kookaburra birds were playing near the water. When we thought it could not get better a pair of rabbits hopped out of the bush and foraged near us too. We only had time to wonder how we would get back to the city when a bus pulled up. We trundled through suburbs and shamelessly people watched. The last stop of the bus was a mere couple of blocks from the hotel and we ambled through the crowds of people jostling and making their way home.
Dinner was as perfect and so was breakfast the next day as well. It was crazy and little unreal. As I stood on the light rail platform (right outside our hotel no less) on Saturday morning on my way back to the airport, I felt an overwhelming sense of wellbeing. We had talked and laughed and adventured. I also carried a bit of family history home with me, my aunt gave me my grandmothers coocoo clock.
The whole experience still feel s little surreal. 24 hours spent with one of the people I love the most and it was filled with joy and happiness. Now that is a 24 hour day worth remembering.

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