Sep 2, 2015

knit august nights

KAN- A bespoke knitters retreat (crochet-ers too of course). It started as a casual "shall we?" Two friends with a fledgling friendship going on an adventure together and sharing a room. It could have been dire. But I had no qualms and it was fabulous. Laura is a true kindred spirit and someone I will know for very long time. I heart her a lot.

We flew to Napier in a very (very) small plane that took off with a noise that was deafening. We were both a little unnerved. However we made it safely and made a bee-line for the yarn market. It was amazing. Indie dyers from all over NZ showcased their product and it was incredible. New Zealand is hugely creative and I think this yarn could have held it's own at a market/ shop anywhere in the world. My wallet took a battering and I arrived at my first class.

Silly, but I was super nervous. I am a self taught crocheter and I had no idea how much I actually knew and if I could hold my own in a class environment. It was touch and go at the beginning due to to nerves but I soon caught up. My crochet was knotted together as I was holding the hook in a death grip but I managed to make a bootee. More than that though, I GOT the class. I understood the construction and that was a win!
We stayed on site at the conference venue. We got a room a little out of the way of the noise and hubbub and this was the view from our balcony. I know! New Zealand is beautiful.

Napier is just gorgeous. This was my second visit and it did not disappoint. Hello beach :-)

Here is a sample of my market stash. There was more! The good bag from KAN was so generous. The whole conference was set up really well. There was a great selection of classes, even a few for crocheters. 

I took a knitting class. I won't lie, it was HARD. By the end my head was spinning. I like the idea of knitting, just not sure if the reality of knitting will make or break me. Knitting has so many more patterns so I think I just have to learn. 
I met some lovely people. Crafty people tend to be generous, open and warm. My super star crush was meeting Libby from Truly Myrtle. She is amazing and so friendly. Here we are at the airport waiting to fly on the pencil, I mean plane, back to Auckland.
I had such fun with Laura. She is truly one of the warmest and loveliest people I know. We are scarily similar with our world view and philosophy. She's a keeper that one. Here she is with some of her stash, she's a lover of fuchsia!
This weekend was amazing and KAN was well worth attending. I really recommend it to any knitter or crocheter who needs a bit of tuition and yarn love. Napier and yarn- doesn't get much better than that!

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