Sep 7, 2015

our Auckland- Muriwai beach

On Sunday it was Fathers Day. MJ decided he would like to go for a walk on Muriwai beach. The weather was furious- it was cold, stormy with bouts of horizontal rain and wind gusts. Just the right weather for a beach amble.

Muriwai beach is on the wild west coast of Auckland. It is gorgeous- the sand is black, the waves are majestic and the view is incredible. It is also fierce and seems to take the weather we have in the city and amplify it. The west coast is a surfers paradise unlike the tamer east coast where the waves are ladylike and people like me like to swim. The west coast is a little crazy, surf, rips and adrenaline.

We arrived and true to form the weather was insane. On the bright side it was great for the kite surfers who were out in force. I think they outnumbered the people battling the elements and walking the beach, spitting sand and trying to stay upright.
Grace retreated into her beanie with mere peeks of her eyes showing. Luka on the other hand embraced his wild side and was soon shoeless and covered in sand. MJ loved it and strode up the beach. It was his day after all.
 The kids adventured and played in the dunes. On our way back to the car I noticed the large signs about not playing on the dunes. Oops. Oh well.
 I took a fathers day photo at the end. You can see MJ and Grace are over it by this stage. Wild Boy is clearly not. P.S. He dressed himself.

Muriwai beach is well worth a visit. Just on a calmer day. In summer.
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