Sep 14, 2015

our Auckland healthy eating- Food Truck Garage

I am always keen to find somewhere good to eat that is also healthy. I am on a mission to hunt down the best healthy spots in Auckland as I need options!
First stop was the Food Truck Garage:
Our journey began as an award-winning TV series where we attempted to turn junk food into good food. With over 700,000 kiwis tuning in each week The Food Truck was an instant hit, striking a chord with both young and old. But while a TV series highlighted the national obesity problem, it didn’t do anything to solve it. So in 2013 we set up Food Truck Garage to see if people really wanted to change the way they eat. To everybody’s surprise, they did! Over 150,000 customers later we’re still going strong, serving up the healthiest and tastiest burgers in town from our permanent eatery and mobile truck.
My lovely friend Gail is my partner in crime for this mission. We met at the Food Truck Garage on a dark and rainy night. It was busy and we waited for a table. As the turn over of tables is quick (note- no extended dining here) we were seated pretty quickly.

The emphasis is on "traditional" food that is reinvented to be light and healthy.
We ordered a cocktail for me (of course) the Light Bright and Stormy- to match the weather. One word- YUM. Gail got the non-alcoholic Basin, Mint and Cucumber drink. No complaints from her either.
We shared the food and got the Beet Burger and Ceviche Cups. And the Burrito bowl with chicken.
SO GOOD. All good. Very more-ish.
 We tried the Sundaes for dessert- the Choc Freeze and Jelly Tip. I am not sure how healthy these were but at this stage we did not care. They were amazing.
 My dining companions. One snuck in and surprised me :-)

Fabulous food served quickly. Nourishing and healthy, the food is amazing.
Great for friends and casual get togethers. The tables are packed together and you get to know your neighbour. Would I go again? YES.

Details: Located at 1/90 Wellesley Street, Auckland. Plenty of pay-and-display parking and a doddle to find.
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