Oct 18, 2015

children know

These are my children, not the boy I write about

I have always believed that if you give children the freedom to chose, they will chose what they need. They are in-tuned to their bodies and if we can help them keep that connection as they grow we could avoid some of the issues we have as adults, with not understanding or listening to our bodies.

I saw this in action so beautifully this weekend. I was in Tauranga and catching up with a lady who wanted me to meet her boy and talk through the essential oils she had ordered.

Her boy is on the spectrum. When we met at school her sweet boy was not in a good space in the playground. It was the end of the school week and he was very tired. When we got to the cafe, we sat down and I opened my case of oils. The little boy wondered over to the oils and started investigating them. I love this and asked him to have a look and see if there were any he liked. He is super sensitive to smell so this was gold- we could hopefully weed out the oils that he didn't like. We turned away to give him space and let him be.

What happened was so amazing. He sat very quietly and started to work his way very methodically along the rows of oils, opening each, smelling it and replacing it before moving onto the next one. He pulled two oils out and stated really firmly "I like this one" for each. I noted them and replaced them. After he had gone through the whole case I asked him again which ones he liked. He went straight to the two oils he had noticed before, smelled them and again stated "I like these ones."

I am learning that we respond to the oils that our bodies need. If you love the smell of an oil, really love it, you more often than not, need what that oil offers. And this little boy was so in-tuned to his body's needs, that he was spot on.

When we looked at the oils and what they could do, his mother started crying. He had unerringly picked the very two oils he needs with his condition. Children know themselves and this was beautiful to see.

The oils he picked were:

Cypress- the Oil of Motion and Flow
This oil aids in letting go and moving with the flow of life. It helps individuals who are mentally or emotionally stuck. Cypress assists in letting go and embracing flexibility.
Emotions addressed: Controlling, fear, rigidity, stuck and tense

Fennel (sweet)- the Oil of Responsibility 
This oil supports the individual who has a weakened sense of self. This individual may feel defeated by life's responsibilities. Fennel helps the realisation that life is not too much or too big to handle.
Emotions addressed: Lack of desire, unwilling to take responsibility for self, shame, numb to body signals

This moment was almost sacred. A boy who struggles so much in everyday life was able to communicate what he needed gently and easily. It touched me deeply and I was truly grateful to have witnessed it. Children are incredible and I am again reminded to trust my own children even more, as they know themselves very well.
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