Oct 11, 2015

our Auckland- the inner city

During last school term I talked about the upcoming school holidays and offered the kiddies a choice of outings. Grace chose a bus trip into the city. The day dawned wet and rainy but there was dampening the enthusiasm.
We set off loudly as we always do and made a happy noise all the way into the city. We were immensely entertaining for all the shy and quiet foreign students occupying the bus with us.
We got off the bus at Aotea Square and walked down Queen street dodging the rain.  We looked at the ferries and boats at Queens Wharf and the children got tooted at by a small ferry. Luka nearly died of fright before we all burst out laughing. He is a nervous one that boy.
Here we are post toot!
We set off down Quay Street on our way to the Britomart Precinct. It's beautiful with lots to look at and explore.
I had researched the area for a family friendly restaurant for lunch. I settled on Mexico at Britomart. It was exceptional. The staff were kind and welcoming and let us in before opening. There were things to colour and masks to play with. We all loved it, and the food was awesome too.
All in all a great family day. There is so much to do in the inner city for children. You do end up walking a fair bit though and Grace tired quickly with her little noodle legs.
Catching the bus was easy and we loved it. Next time we'll do the train! We do love you Auckland xox
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