Nov 17, 2015

happy birthday Luka!

Luka had his birthday a week or so ago. I am a tad late with this...oops.

Darling Luka

You are 7 years old! You are now longer my little boy although I think I will still call you that when you can't hear me. You are very proud of your "Big Boy" status and that you are now very close to 10 years old (which is your much admired older cousin's age).

You have such a pure heart and even though you are growing and maturing, you still have a sense of innocence about you. You are kind and that is a quality to be very highly prized, for it is in short supply in this world. You are especially kind to those smaller than yourself and love your little cousins with a passion.

You have a fiercely defined sense of right and wrong and you apply this to everyone and everything. At times this does not go down too well with your sister, but that is the life of siblings I think.

You are very loving and I still get cuddles and "I love you Mum" at school when I drop you off. This makes my heart sing, my sweet boy. You are very family orientated and embrace all our extended family whether they are true relatives or not.

You are crazy about Lego, bikes and scooters. You are all boy and I love it.

Happy Birthday, our son-of-vision

Love Mama

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