Feb 24, 2016

being intentional

When life is full *read "busy"* it is so easy to fall into the path of least resistance. And for me that includes parenting.

We have a boy's boy and a girly girl. Luka loves all things loud, crashy and sweaty. He is pure energy. When he was a baby we were politically correct and offered him non-gender specific toys. He gravitated early on to toys that banged, made a noise or were on wheels. His first sounds were noises that things made.
Grace on the other hand gravitated towards animals and things that were relational. We offered her cars like her brother had- zero interest. She's not into dolls but loves horses & unicorns and anything and everything sparkly and glittery. Her first sounds were coos and chit chat.

Our family naturally divides into two halves, the males on one side and the females on the other. It is so easy to split up errands and activities based on gender as Luka and MJ like the same things and Grace and I do too as well. I can think of nothing better than reading a book about Twinkle the fairy and playing with Grace's extensive collection of My Little Ponys. Not so mad about charging around outside in the heat with a ball and throwing myself through the sprinkler on the lawn.

It's natural and fine for the most part but it bothers me a little and I have been pushing myself to do things with Luka that he likes to do. So we have started playing "tickle" at night. There is nothing involving tickling I might add. It's a full on wrestle fest. Luka is extremely strong and often I fear for my safety. Still I fend him off with pillows and he loves it. Absolutely loves it. At the end of the game he gives me a ferociously hard high-5 of gratitude and is covered with sweat. I am just glad I survived to tickle another day.

I am also learning about all things Star Wars and can tell you the size and function difference between most of the Star Wars ships. I also have extensive conversations about Lego sets and exactly what each one contains. Poring over Lego & Star Wars books is not my version of fun times, but Luka loves that I am there beside him.

Intentional is hard work and sometimes seems like a lot of effort (let's be honest) But long term it's worth it for me, I want to stay connected with my boy. The trick will be remembering to be intentional!

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