Feb 14, 2016

comfort-zone busting

So I went to LA last week. This trip was momentous. I was stepping out in faith on so many levels- business-wise, spiritually and emotionally. I went to a leadership conference in Los Angeles for our second business, the one that has my heart and soul attached to it.
 It's so different to my design business and is structured in a way that is unusual to me. Plus not everyone likes the business structure. But the product has so much life healing power and I have seen first hand what it can do. So we committed to the trip and I stepped out.
I am not sure about the States. I had a bad travel experience in LAX years ago and I was nervous. Los Angeles itself did not redeem itself to me, being huge, grey, grimy and concrete-y. BUT. The people! I loved the people. Americans are so incredibly courteous. I like chivalry and the American men have it in spades. I was reminded again how much I like a man to give way to me as a man shoved right in front of me this weekend at an Auckland mall. I like chivalry, a whole lot.
 I know that getting out of your comfort zone is good for you. Haven't we all seen those catchy little quotes on Facebook a thousand times. Yes, I thought, so great to get out of your comfort-zone. The thing is your comfort zone has the word COMFORT in it. Comfort is fun and cosy and safe. Not bad things at all, things I found that I like a lot. Out of your comfort-zone does not have comfort in it. It has unsafe, crazy, uncomfortable and stretching. All great things but none of them is easy or safe.
So most of the trip was spent in the zone without safe or cosy in it. I learnt to be calm when I was talking to leaders. People I had only ever seen on-line or in webinars. I learnt to adapt and be ok when challenged to my core. I did new things, learned new things and made new friends.
It was awesome. Not the most relaxing of times, but awesome. I discovered Whole Foods and how cheap and easy it is to eat clean in the States. I loved that. I found a new book to grow my soul. Most of all though I was learned again how much I love New Zealand and how grateful I am to be a New Zealander.
As I flew back home and watched New Zealand come into view in the dawn light I fell in love all over again. Aotearoa, you beautiful land.

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