Mar 5, 2016

3 questions

I am a little disillusioned with social media this month. There's an underbelly of ugliness. And it's manifesting in all corners with people I don't know but follow online, in people I know, in people I admire and it unsettles me. I have clicked "unfollow" a whole heap of times this month.

It is so easy to share something that supports our "truth" without checking on the validity of the view the shared post has. It's worse when it's cruelty with a mask of humour on the outside.

If you look at where we sit with a worldview, we sit in a wide open field. We are not taken in by what we see on TV or read the papers. We search for what is behind. What is the reason behind what is going on. We would be apolitical with no affiliation to anything other than the freedom to make choices in our lives. I want to know why.

There's a lot of political buzz on-line. And most of it is a little ugly. I get that people are upset and angry (on all sides) but I have to ask 3 questions:

1. Is it true? Honestly I think most people think that what they believe is true. But the reality is that most stuff is "your" truth. Our views/ opinions/ philosophies shift over time as they should. They ebb and flow as we learn and grow and experience different life experiences. Is what we are sharing true? Or are we trying to make a point?
*Of course I am not talking about foundational life beliefs like faith.*

2. Is it kind? What is the reason for the post or comment? To prove we are right? To sway people? But just like street evangelism with threats of hell has a very poor chance of converting people, being unkind has zero chance of converting people to a point of view on-line.

3. Is it nessessary? Is what we are posting needed in a world where there is so much unkindness? Post about true need, the widows, the poor, the orphans. Food that transforms, natural medicine that heals, things that inspire, lift up and encourage.

Let's focus on being positive. As the months roll by I am sure this underbelly will get more and more yuck. I for one am not buying in. I choose to be kind.

So, for all of you who believe in different things to me, I respect you and I honour your beliefs. If they are precious to you, they are precious to me.

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