Welcome to my slice of the world. I live in a corner of the world known as the Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud. Beautiful New Zealand.

I am Samantha which means “listener”.

I am a mother despite all the odds and two hard won blessings call me Mama.

I am a wife to a farmer turned city boy with olive skin and jet black hair. He is my rock and my best friend.

I love my family with all that I am. We have ties that bind with blood and beyond and I know a family is made up of people who know they belong together.

I call New Zealand home and feel the country in my soul but I was born on a continent far away.

I am a creative, loving spaces and plans during the day and fabric, yarn and sugar at night.

I live as naturally as I can, researching and learning and finding a way that is pure, natural and unique to us.

My faith is my lodestone, without Him I am lost. He is the Keeper of my dreams and the protector of my heart.
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