We are living and naturally as we can. We eat the best way we know how, we drink pure water and exercise our bodies. We take good quality supplements to give our bodies the minerals we lack. But still we could not tip our health over the edge. We were constantly fighting bugs and felt under the weather a lot of the time.

Early last year my Mom discovered dōTERRA essential oils. She started using them as part of her cancer journey, and I loved how they helped her. So we started using these amazing essential oils and over the next few months our health as a family turned a corner. Last Winter was the first winter we were all healthy the whole winter. The entire time with no coughs or colds- if you live in asthma-central which is New Zealand you understand how big this was for us.

We use them for everything. And lately they have helped me overcome a complete lack of hormones. We are so convinced we have started distributing them as my gosh, do they work. I fought long and hard for my kids and freely admit I am a helicopter Mum. So if I am willing to trust something with my kids health, you can believe me that they are good for you.

Essential oils work really well alongside a natural lifestyle and as my Mother found, alongside conventional medicine. But. They have to be the right oils. Super pure and the absolute best quality which for us are dōTERRA oils.

I am on a mission to get as many people as possible to understand that there are other options to conventional medicine and that we truly have control over what we medicate ourselves with.

If you want to know more about dōTERRA essential oils, get some free, no obligation samples and join the revolution, email me at oiltribenz@gmail.com. This applies to anyone anywhere, we'll ship the samples to you no matter where you live.

Or follow our face book page, just search Oiltribe on Facebook.

Love, the very proud OilMum
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